Kevin Dockter Obituary North Dakota, Kevin Dockter Has Died

Kevin Dockter Obituary North Dakota, Kevin Dockter Has Died

Kevin Dockter Obituary, Death Cause – This photograph was taken in the stadium of his high school, which is currently called the Kevin Dockter Field and can be seen in the background of the photo. He was a beautiful husband to his high school sweetheart, a fantastic father and grandfather, a dude, and a legend. He was also a wonderful man. It is difficult for me, Doc, to understand that you are no longer here.

Brother Guy, I pray that you find eternal rest in the Lord. Julie, I want you to know that I will be praying for the entire large Dockter family, as well as the literally hundreds and hundreds of young people whose lives he influenced and who were so profoundly committed to him. Please let it be known that I will be praying for all of you. Over the course of our friendship, his siblings and the rest of his family have become some of our closest friends. He was versatile enough to play at any level, in any setting, everywhere.

When you graduate from college, though, things take a dramatic and positive change for the better. Doc devoted his entire life to the western region of North Dakota, where he worked as a teacher and a coach. This region was his lifetime love. Whatever he set out to do, he was able to accomplish it. During the course of my long journey through this life, I have had the honor of interacting with a large number of excellent individuals. When our party of five oddballs from Monroe, Michigan arrived at a college in North Dakota that any of us had ever been to before, this guy was one of the first persons to greet us and introduce themselves. Kevin “Doc” Dockter greeted us as though we had known each other for a very long time, which gave the impression that we were long-time friends.

Our friendship began almost immediately, and it has not changed much over the course of these many years. Doc, who excelled in a variety of sports, was a member of our college football team and played the slot back position. He was widely regarded as our college football team’s most accomplished athlete. During those four years, I had the honor of acting as his primary blocker for the majority of the games. Simply put, he was a stud in every sense of the word.

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