Kevin Curran Obituary, The Keadeen Hotel Executive Head Chef Has Died - Death Cause

Kevin Curran Obituary, The Keadeen Hotel Executive Head Chef Has Died – Death Cause

Kevin Curran Obituary, Death – We are in a state of profound sadness and grief as a result of the sudden and tragic demise of our dear friend and fellow worker, Executive Head Chef Kevin Curran. His loving wife, Sara, as well as his three beautiful children, Chloe, Matt, and Katie, convey how much they will miss him and how much they regret his departure. During this incomprehensibly difficult time for them, as well as for all of his family and loved ones, particularly his father and sisters, they are in our thoughts and prayers. We also keep all of you in our thoughts and prayers.

Kevin was a cheery presence in the hotel and was always ready to deploy his quick wit and hilarious sense of humor whenever the occasion arose. Everyone in the workforce and management viewed him not only as a colleague but also as a close friend in addition to that role. He had every cause to be proud of everything he had accomplished in making The Keadeen a destination for culinary connoisseurs from the surrounding area as well as further away.

His efforts had made The Keadeen a place where people wanted to come from all around. Without him, there would have been no way to get it done. he was essential. There is little doubt that the team that he has established over the years will be able to continue his legacy, and they will do so. However, the leadership, camaraderie, passion, and devotion that he offered will leave a void that cannot be matched.

We will be closed for lunch and dinner on Monday, May 22 in order to show respect for Kevin and to provide his family, friends, and staff in the hotel with an opportunity to grieve over his untimely passing. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for bearing with us during this difficult period.

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