Kenneth Palmer Obituary Utah, Learn About Kenneth Palmer Death

Kenneth Palmer Obituary Utah, Learn About Kenneth Palmer Death

Kenneth Palmer Obituary, Death – Kenny’s heart was as big as Texas, and he had no trouble getting along with everybody he came in contact with. He had not come across a single anyone that he was unable to get along with. As a direct result of what he had accomplished, this was the specific reason why a significant number of people looked up to him and held him in unusually high respect as a direct result of what he had accomplished.

Whoever was in need of aid, Kenny would be the first person there to offer it, and it wouldn’t matter to him who it was. It didn’t matter to him who it was; he would carry it out.
In the course of his employment with PA Landers in Massachusetts, which lasted for a sizeable amount of time and was followed by another, he became well-known for his capabilities as a heavy equipment operator.

Because of this, he established a reputation throughout the state. He had a fervent appreciation for the natural world, and two of his favorite activities in the great outdoors were fishing and hunting. He was an enthusiastic admirer of nature. Even before he was born, his mother and father, along with his brothers Richard and James, had already passed away. He was the last surviving member of his immediate family.

He was the only member of his immediate family that had made it through life. His wife, Janet Ann (Lightner) Palmer of Ohio, his daughter Katie (Palmer) Schultz, (husband Will Schultz), and grandson Freddy Schultz, all of Rhode Island; his step son Keith Walters and wife Christine Flint Walters, granddaughter Trinity and grandson Wyatt Walters of Ohio; his sister Kathrine (Palmer Bussolari) of Massachusetts; and a large number of nieces and nephews from both Massachusetts and Florida are among those who survive him.

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