Kennedy Aurentz Obituary

Kennedy Aurentz Obituary Springfield MO, Kennedy Aurentz Has Died – Death Cause

Kennedy Aurentz Obituary, Death – Kennedy Aurentz has died. The following was written in a post that was shared on many social media platforms: “But we’re reminded so tragically that the devil and disease of addiction they fight is working even harder than they do, and it wants to take them out.”
I have absolutely no idea what led up to this situation.

But after spending only a short time getting to know this beautiful angel, it is impossible for her to have desired this kind of destiny. She had an excessive amount of love and life in her, both of which she wanted to share with the world. Macy informed me that she was fighting it with everything that she had. Yesterday, her addiction won; it had a surprise in store for her, and it took her away from the living; it took her away from her family; it took her away from my daughter; it took her away from all of us.

The issue of drug abuse and dependency is one that affects all members of society. Yes, there is accountability on the part of individuals; but, harmful chemicals are prevalent in our society and are extremely accessible to our young people through social media. There is no such thing as what it seems. If you know someone who is struggling with addiction, take up a sword and do everything in your power to assist them in winning the battle against it. I don’t know what else to say besides that. We will always remember Kennedy for the kind, hilarious, and creative person that she was, as well as the excellent and loving friend she was to our daughter.

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