Ken George Obituary Missouri, Ken George Has Died - Death Cause

Ken George Obituary Missouri, Ken George Has Died – Death Cause

Ken George Obituary, Death – Unfortunately, not only has the world of theatre lost a tremendous artist, but it has also lost a wonderful person much sooner than it should have. Ken George was one of the people whose company I liked the most during my time in the workforce, and it is a great loss that he is no longer among us. When I started working at Okoboji Summer Theatre for the very first time, I was given the great opportunity to work with him on my very first production, as well as on many additional performances that occurred after that.

This incredible opportunity continued for the rest of my time working at Okoboji Summer Theatre. This fantastic opportunity was available to me for the duration of my employment there. The scenic designs that Ken came up with were just magnificent; they were filled with astounding detail, did an excellent job of suiting the story that they were seeking to represent, and were a dream come true for the director. Ken’s work was a dream come true for the filmmaker.

During the period that I spent working at OST, the design that he developed for our production of MURDER ON THE ORIENT EXPRESS stood out to me as the piece of his work that was the most impressive to me. I do not believe that it would be accurate to assert that I am the only person who has these ideas or feelings since I do not believe that to be the case. It is a pretty fantastic experience to see this video due to the fact that he makes such an incredible and creative use of our slide stage in the film that can be viewed below.

When he goes away, everyone will feel the loss of him in their own individual and unique way. Please accept my deepest condolences in light of the terrible event that occurred on behalf of Ken’s family, friends, and coworkers in light of the occurrence. I am deeply sorry for the loss you have suffered.

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