Keith Anderson Missing New South Wales, Missing Found Dead - Death Cause

Keith Anderson Missing New South Wales, Missing Found Dead – Death Cause

Keith Anderson Missing – My younger brother, Keith, passed away in a shocking and tragic accident a few days ago, and it is with immense sadness and total devastation that I share this news with you. We are experiencing the kind of anguish that you have never felt before and will never be able to imagine. As a response to the many people who have inquired about how they may assist us in this difficult time, I would ask that you remember my family in your thoughts and prayers throughout the next several days, weeks, months, and years as we go through this difficult time.

I have established a GoFundMe account in the event that any of you are moved to contribute toward getting us through this challenging period. As rumors circulate, we would also be grateful for mercy and compassion if you could extend these to us. Funeral preparations are currently being handled by Connor-Bowman Funeral Home, and EastLake Community Church has been asked to host the memorial service sometime in the near future.

On the 12th of May, my brother Keith Anderson was shot and killed in a way that was not his fault nor the result of any decision he made on his own. His unexpected and sad passing has left us in utter disbelief and utter devastation. I’d like to talk to you about what a remarkable individual Keith was. Keith was an avid fan of sports, games, competition, and being outside. His favorite activities included skating, swimming, basketball, fishing, and boating. He was a prankster who made everyone laugh, and he had a big heart that made him always willing to extend a helping hand, even to complete strangers. He was a jokester. He was an upstanding citizen.

Because of his serious mental illness, Keith has had a hard time being himself throughout the course of the past few years. We were able to get aid by experimenting with a variety of treatments and consulting several mental health resources. But through his own volition, Keith discovered that his faith in God, by whom he could not be misunderstood, brought him both healing and comfort. He prioritized his relationship with God while working toward being a better man and strengthening his community at the same time.

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