Keen Lau Obituary, Keen Lau Has Passed Away - Death Cause

Keen Lau Obituary, Keen Lau Has Passed Away – Death Cause

Keen Lau Obituary, Death – It has been determined who the man was who unfortunately passed away over the weekend while attempting to save his dog from drowning. Keen Lau was trapped in the current of Cypress Creek when he was attempting to save his Labrador, according to a statement released by the Mayor of the District of West Vancouver, Mark Sager. Lau’s Labrador had gone into the creek. The statement begins, “It is with profound sadness that I write regarding the passing of my dear friend,” and continues on to say other similar phrases. “Keen was a one of a kind and absolutely remarkable person. Having a profound dedication to our community.”

Sager claims that the couple shared a common interest in cycling and skiing, and he adds that Lau was also “deeply passionate about the mountains.” Sager says that the duo had a lot in common. Everyone who had the good fortune to know Keen had nothing but love and admiration for him. He was an exceptionally compassionate, loyal, and kind person who put others’ needs before his own. According to the statement, “Keen was also an exceptionally skilled and accomplished athlete.”

Sager also discusses a time more than a decade ago when Lau was involved in a “horrendous biking accident” and how Lau persisted in his rehabilitation despite the difficulty of the situation. Keen’s enthusiasm for outdoor activities and competition was not dampened in the least by this devastating loss. While riding his bike and hiking up the mountain, he was able to regain both his mental and physical vigor. Sager remarked that “he used his profound understanding of psychological and physical pain to assist and enrich the lives of others, most importantly his father, Laurence, who had passed away in 2022.”

He also mentions that Lau was recently married, and that his mother and brother will be able to mourn his passing. My heart goes out to these people who will especially feel this untimely loss of a truly kind and wonderful son, brother, and husband forever,” the statement reads. “My heart goes out to these people. Our West Vancouver neighborhood has lost a very remarkable individual who never spoke a harsh word to or about anybody else in their entire life. He has the ability to see the best in people.”

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