Kala Hodgkin Obituary, Kala Hodgkin Has Died - Death Cause

Kala Hodgkin Obituary, Kala Hodgkin Has Died – Death Cause

Kala Hodgkin Obituary, Death – During this difficult time, we ask that you keep the Hodgkin family in your thoughts and prayers. Thank you in advance for remembering them. Kala May Hodgkin, who was born on April 13, 1989, was abducted from Earth on May 11, 2023. Her birthday is April 13. Kala was held in high esteem and revered by many people due to the generosity of her heart and the beauty of her personality. She was well-known for the passionate and all-encompassing love that she had for her children, as well as for the selfless gestures that she took and her willingness to assist others who were in need of assistance.

Her dream day involved spending time with her children and connecting with nature through activities such as walking barefoot through the woods, staring up at the moon, going on a hike, and exploring new areas. She had a good eye for photography and was always ready for pranks that weren’t planned in advance. She loved with all of her heart, felt everything profoundly, and when she danced, she swayed to the beat of her own drum. She found that getting tattoos was her form of self-care.

Kala is survived by her children; Kalun Hodgkin, Kirra Burham and Karter Johnson; her parents Patrick Hodgkin and Ann Shaw Overturf, and stepfather Jim Wright; her grandmother Linda Hodgkin and her siblings Tess Diamond, Alyssa Hodgkin, Jakob Hodgkin, Colten Macri, James (Marissa) Wright, and Jonathan Wright; along with countless nieces, nephews, aunts, uncles, cousins, family and friends including longtime friends David and Stephanie Fehlman, Jr. Before Kala was even born, her great grandparents, Ruben and Grace Rivera, as well as her grandmother, Marjorie Baldwin, and aunt, Shirley Baldwin, had all previously passed away.

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