Lancaster PA Shooting

Jordan Scott Obituary, Lancaster PA Shooting Victim Has Died – Death Cause

Jordan Scott Obituary, Death – In a sad turn of events, Jordan Scott has passed away. Please accept our deepest condolences during this trying time and know that they come from the bottom of our hearts. It has been written as follows in a message that has been published on social media: “My Rock Head Brotha my bully words I ain’t even got them shocked confused and many more question I wanna ask but I can’t from 9-23.

” it was crazy that you became a dad and that I became a parent, and then we went our separate ways, but our birth love for one other never changed. I’m sorry this happened to you, and I’ll pray for mama B and you and your brother and everyone else in your family, your bm. Jordan Scott Jordan is yet another one who slipped through our fingers. The things that I read and watch on social media are so outrageous that I just can’t bring myself to accept them.

Right now, I feel like my feelings are all over the place. We always had the most honest conversations, and no matter what took place, we always wished each other nothing but love for the families of the other person. It was always fun to spend out with you, and we always had the most honest conversations. You and I laughed a lot together, and we had a great time going on random drives and simply hanging out with both of my brothers and with each other. My heart goes out to you and all of your loved ones during this difficult time. You will unquestionably be in our thoughts and prayers often.May Jordan Scott at long last have a chance to relax.”

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