Jordan Charnley Obituary, 34-year-old Motorcyclist killed in A Fatal Crash

Jordan Charnley Obituary, 34-year-old Motorcyclist killed in A Fatal Crash

Jordan Charnley Obituary, Death – According to Jim Allmon, the Sangamon County Coroner, Jordan Charnley, 34, from Springfield, Illinois, passed away on Thursday as a consequence of an accident between a vehicle and a motorcycle. Charnley was riding a motorcycle at the time of the collision. Charnley, the biker who was involved in the accident, was pronounced dead at HSHS St. John’s Hospital on Thursday afternoon at approximately 2:29.

Allmon believes that the findings of the postmortem point to Charnley having died from a variety of injuries that were brought on by the brutal force that he was subjected to during the collision. At the time of the collision, it was claimed that the driver of a very large box truck was traveling northbound on Dirksen. In order to complete the turn toward the eastbound traffic, he sat and waited calmly in the Northfield turn lane.

The driver of the car reportedly claimed seeing two motorcycles emerge from the parking area at Halls’ Harley Davidson and go northbound on Dirksen towards him. This information has been relayed to us by the witness. When the driver made the turn, they were still a few hundred feet away from their destination, according to what he said later in the conversation.

When the truck driver had almost completed the turn, he felt something hit the rear part of his vehicle on the passenger side. He turned around to see what it was. He turned around and saw that his truck had been struck from behind by something. When the driver finally came to a halt, he discovered that the motorcyclist had collided with the side of his truck, causing the motorcyclist to receive injuries as a result of the collision. As part of their respective inquiries, the Sangamon County Coroner’s Office and the Springfield Police Department are also gathering information related to this tragic event.

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