John Nova Lomax Obituary Houston TX GoFundMe, John Lomax Has Died – Death Cause

John Lomax Obituary, Death – John Nova Lomax travelled hundreds of kilometres of pavements in a city where the pavements are typically treated as though they are merely a cosmetic formality. He travelled for his Sole of Houston series of pieces, in which he and musician David Beebe trekked to all corners of our city, halting at spots that most of us whiz past in our vehicles, in order to provide a more panoramic image of our huge urban region. He did this so that readers might get a better sense of the city’s personality.

It seemed to him that his connection to the city was organic, complete, and symbiotic. He was familiar with Houston’s past and all of its quirks, excesses, and shortcomings, as well as its history. The author Lomax has written books about dive bars and crime in the city of Houston. The success of the family business inspired him to start writing seriously some 20 years ago. Lomax was from the eighth generation of Texans in his family. In addition to this, he came from a family of renowned folklorists, musicologists, and authors, making him a fourth-generation documentarian. According to members of Lomax’s family, he passed away early on May 22. He was 53.

Lomax longed for a more sedate and contemplative tempo despite living in a city that was always on the go. He was like Sig Byrd for the 21st century in that he shared stories with Houston that otherwise would not have been told. Within the state, his writing was published in the Houston Press, Texas Monthly, Houstonia, and Texas Highways, and it provided a viewpoint that was equal parts reverent and sceptical.


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