John Davis Obituary, John Davis Has Passed Away – Death Cause

John Davis Obituary, Death – The identity of a guy whose body was discovered in Olympia on Friday morning has been made public by the Thurston County Coroner’s Office. The man was found dead in Olympia. The individual was a native of the Thurston County area. It was said that the body was discovered in the vicinity of the major business sector of the city, however this was only a hearsay. After conducting an investigation into the person’s passing, it was determined that the individual had been a victim of unavoidable circumstances.

The location was described as being “right below the overpass.” It is not yet known what caused the decedent’s death as the investigation into the circumstances surrounding the decedent’s passing is still in the process of being carried out. According to Gary Warnock, the coroner who was in charge of the investigation, the autopsy that was going to be performed on the body of the guy who had passed away was going to take place on Tuesday afternoon. However, the treatment will now take place at a later time.

It was established that the man had died from what looked to be natural causes of death, and it was concluded that he had passed away. After considering all of this, it became clear that the man had departed from this world. The victim had 58 years of life under their belt when they were found murdered; they passed away shortly after their discovery. Just before 8:00 in the morning, the lifeless corpse of John R. Davis was discovered immediately below the flyover for Boulevard Road on Interstate 5, near to Wheeler Avenue.



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