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John Burrows Obituary Wisconsin, John Burrows Has Died – Death Cause

John Burrows Obituary, Death – We was saddened to hear the news that my buddy John Burrows had passed away recently. Before the day before yesterday, I talked with him about various things. I can’t believe he is gone. We have known one another and been friends for the past quarter of a century. I worked alongside him on the event from the very beginning of Bear Week Provincetown until the very end. Club Purgatory, where I worked as a resident DJ, was the location of several of the initial gatherings that were held by PtownBears.

Throughout the years, I have lent my assistance to the organization in a variety of capacities, such as acting as a DJ for a number of different events, providing them with lunches while I worked at Provincetown General Store, designing postcards and posters for a number of different events, and working the Bear Booth during Bear Week. It’s hard for me to wrap my head around the fact that the last time I spoke to him was only the day before, around the same time I found out he had gone away today.

He initiated a get-together, which has since grown into an occasion and has expanded to become an event that is now held on a global scale and draws males from all over the world. Because of this, I will be eternally grateful that we were able to call each other friends. He will be sorely missed. Goodbye my friend. Because I’ve been following along with him as he’s been regaling all of us with his journey at the Grand Hotel and Somewhere in Time, this is perplexing to me, Leonard. In addition to that, the lovely cat posts that he makes. How is it even feasible for this to take place?

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