Joe Plater Obituary Thyroid Cancer, Is Joe Plater Still Alive?

Joe Plater Obituary, Death Hoax – In 2016, Joe Plater was given an initial diagnosis of FTC thyroid cancer; however, his post-surgical pathology revealed that he actually had ATC, a very aggressive form of thyroid cancer with only a 7% chance of survival. Despite the fact that he had been given an incorrect diagnosis, Joe Plater was able to have surgery and fight the disease.

He had pretty substantial TT surgery as well as neck dissection surgery, and his recovery from those treatments took an extremely extended amount of time. Due to the fact that it was ATC, traditional chemotherapy was given to him, and the doctors told him that he only had a few months left to live. A follow-up scan performed after a few months had passed revealed that the chemo had been successful in arresting the progression of the cancer and preventing its spread.

After a period of time, he was able to regain his strength, and at that point, he and his wife embarked on a number of holidays together. Having a health condition that was steady over the course of months turned into years. As a method of dealing with the circumstances, he created a video blog on YouTube and uploaded new content regularly.

After being told he would only have a few months to live, he has been telling his story there for the past three years, and he is about to reach his fourth year of living. His diagnosis was that he would only have a few months to live

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