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Joanna Teodoro Obituary, Joanna Teodoro Has Died – Death Cause

Joanna Teodoro Obituary, Death – Joanna F. Teodoro (née Quartana) had reached the age of 65 at the time of her passing. Joanna F. Teodoro (née Quartana), who went away at the age of 65, had attained the age of retirement. However, at this point in her life, she considered Glassboro, New Jersey to be her home. Earlier in her life, she had considered South Philadelphia to be her place of residence; however, at this point in her life, she thought of Glassboro, New Jersey as her home.

She had formerly established herself in the South Philadelphia neighborhood as her primary residence. In addition to being the much-loved wife of Anthony J. Teodoro for the past 45 years, she was also the adored mother of Traci Meldrum (Craig) and Gianna Teodoro. She will be greatly missed by those who knew and loved her. Both Traci Meldrum (Craig) and Gianna Teodoro were very close to her. They will miss her terribly. Her passing occurred earlier this week in the course of this week. Her children, Traci Meldrum (Craig) and Gianna Teodoro, are the only ones who will keep her memory alive once she is gone.

People often referred to her by her nickname, which was “Teo.” Samuel and Dominic were able to feel their grandmother’s love and support throughout their entire lives because their grandmother was able to be there for them. Because she was present, this was a possibility that might be pursued. On top of that, the departure of Joanna will leave her innumerable friends, as well as her numerous nieces, nephews, and other members of the family, feeling profoundly bereaved. They are all going to identify her with a great deal of joyous moments from their pasts. To the party that she is giving, she has extended invitations not only to her family and a select group of her closest friends, but also to a number of other guests who are incredibly close to her.

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