Jhonny Morada Obituary, Jhonny Morada Has Passed Away – Death Cause

Jhonny Morada Obituary, Death – The news that our very, very cherished and much-loved uncle Jhonny Morada passed away this morning is a terrible blow to all of us. He will be greatly missed. Everyone will grieve his passing in their own unique ways. We are in total and absolute shock and astonishment that this joyous, humorous, kind, giving, full of life, and strong guy, whose faith was unfathomable, has left us.

Even though we are aware that death is drawing near, the thought that we won’t be able to hear his jokes or his hearty laugh any longer is a source of severe pain for all of us.  When we found out that you had abandoned us in such a hasty manner, it tore a hole in our hearts that could not be repaired. Tito Sangko, we are going to miss you in such a profound and irreplaceable way for the rest of our lives. Kindly be aware of that.

We are in disbelief and astonishment because his faith was unfathomable. We are going to miss him very, very much. In spite of the fact that we are aware that death is drawing near, the reality that we will no longer be able to hear his jokes or his robust laugh when we gather together or while we are creating tambay mode in front of Tita Gina’s hardware is painfully torturous for all of us.

I am at a loss for words to adequately convey how grateful I am to you for everything. We would want to express our affection for you through this letter as a way of demonstrating our gratitude for the happiness that you bring to our family and letting you know how much we adore you as a way of letting you know how much we adore you. Sangko, may you finally rest in peace.

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