Jerrad Huprich Obituary Pasco County Florida, Death And Funeral

Jerrad Huprich Obituary Pasco County Florida, Death And Funeral

Jerrad Huprich Obituary, Death – After hearing the news late yesterday night that our brother, Jerrad Huprich, was involved in a horrible accident, our family is in a state of shock. As we tell you this information, it is with a heavy heart that we do it. After getting medical care at the scene by Pasco County personnel, he was transported to St. Joe’s North to have his condition stabilized. He was transferred to St. Joe’s Main when his family from Hillsborough took up responsibility for his care.

This morning, his family, friends, and members of his fire department family came together to pray and keep vigil in the hope that everything will turn out okay. This afternoon, neurologists evaluated our brother and determined that he shows no signs of brain activity and will not recover from his injuries. They also confirmed that he would not survive his injuries.

His loved ones have come to the conclusion that the best course of action is to keep him on life support for an indefinite period of time, possibly for a few of days, while they do tests and hunt for organ donors who are compatible with him so that he can continue his work helping other people even after he is transplanted. Before that time comes, he will be present in Room C-304 of the St. Joseph’s Main building, so anyone who wishes to pay their respects to him can do so at that location.

There will be a ceremony at St. Joe’s on Monday at one o’clock to celebrate his organ donation, during which the flag will be raised in a symbolic manner. When it comes time for him to make his final sacrifice in the operating room, we are going to have some of our staff members line the corridor leading there to show their respects. As soon as it is ready to be finished, information relevant to the services will be supplied to the customer.

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