Jefferson Smith Obituary, Jefferson Smith Has Passed Away - Death Cause

Jefferson Smith Obituary, Jefferson Smith Has Passed Away – Death Cause

Jefferson Smith Obituary, Death – Jefferson Smith, who was 26 years old, passed away at the scene of the collision. According to Smith’s relatives, he was born in the Colombian city of San Jose del Guaviare. Only three months ago, he landed in the United States “seeking to fulfill his dreams and the dreams of his loved ones,” according to his family.

Now, his family is seeking for contributions so that they can give Smith a Christian burial in Colombia, where he was born and raised. photographs taken at the site of the collision According to the San Jose Police Department, the collision took place at approximately 1:30 p.m. when a man driving a white 2011 Toyota Corolla automobile entered the northbound lanes of Leigh Avenue going the wrong way, causing the roadway to become blocked.

According to the police, a Corolla traveling southbound on Fruitdale Avenue collided with a Toyota Prius traveling north on Fruitdale Avenue in 2012. You can start watching KRON On right now. When the collision occurred, Smith, along with a woman and a child, were all occupants of the Prius. Smith was the one behind the wheel when the accident occurred, and he was pronounced deceased at the site.

Both the woman and the infant were sent to nearby hospitals with injuries that were initially considered to be life-threatening before they were stabilized. Before receiving treatment at the hospital, the man who was driving the Corolla suffered from injuries that were also considered to be life-threatening.

The police have not yet determined exactly what caused the crash or why it occurred, and no criminal charges have been brought against anyone. This is the 15th person to lose their life due to a traffic-related incident in San Jose so far in 2023, and it is the 14th deadly crash that has occurred in the city since the year 2023 began.

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