Jason McGlothlin Obituary

Jason McGlothlin Obituary, Jason McGlothlin Has Passed Away – Death Cause

Jason McGlothlin Obituary, Death – I just wanted to let all of my friends in therapy know that I woke up to the tragic news that Jason McGlothlin had passed away unexpectedly. Heartbreaking. ALWAYS encouraging our growth and exploration…a true champion for our profession…and I know in my heart that will continue to live on loudly, shaping and changing lives through every single therapist he helped develop.

Despite the obstacles I faced at the time, you treated me with kindness and always made me feel like I was extremely capable. Our many classes together, chats (and laughs! ), consultations, and the friendship that was developed, I don’t know what else to do other than to express my condolences to Matthew, your wife, and your family. I don’t know what else to do other than to convey my condolences to Matthew, your wife, and your family.

Dr. McG was truly a trailblazer in his work as a counselor educator, a downright sincere, kind, and gentle spirit, with an innate and special approach to educating SO many of us. As we found our footing and learned to walk as baby therapists/counselor educators Because you challenged us and provided us with space to develop, many of us were able to spread our wings and fly thanks to you. Your humility and compassion have always made it possible for that to take place without a hitch, which was especially helpful (for me) while I was going through a difficult period in my life.

My recollections are plentiful, but some of my favorites include the two occasions on which I was successful in persuading you to hold class in a public location — at Twin Lakes Tavern and at Toko — always joking with you about not responding to emails, and how much we laughed together over those drawn-out practicum and internship terms. I am inconsolable and am sending prayers your way; my heart is completely devastated.

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