Jackie Scharf Obituary, Jackie Scharf Has Passed Away - Death Cause

Jackie Scharf Obituary, Jackie Scharf Has Passed Away – Death Cause

Jackie Scharf Obituary, Death – Jackie Stickney, better known as “Jackson,” passed died suddenly on August 13th, 2011, which was also known as Friday the 13th. She was 52 years old and lived in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. She was living out her childhood fantasy by working at the Statey Bar and Grill, and she couldn’t have been happier at that moment in her life. Inventing new tales with the people she cherished offered her a great deal of happiness.

The most essential component is establishing new relationships with people. Jackie is known across all of Portsmouth as being one of the individuals with the purest intentions and the most generous hearts. She is survived by her twin sister Jennie Stickney, her sister Missi Allard LaPage, her sister Sue Thompson, her brother John Stickney, all of her nieces and nephews, and her great nieces and nephews. Her husband John Stickney also survives her. In addition, she is survived by her sister Sue Thompson.

Sue Thompson is a survivor. Her aunt Kelly Hawes, also known as “Uncle Stu,” and her uncle Gary Homiac, also known as “Janet,” are both surviving members of her extended family. She is survived not only by her personal family but also by her extended family, which consists of a large number of friends, as well as by her breakfast club. Her sister Chrissy Stickney, her mother Sandra Allard, and her father Cal Allard all passed away before she was born. Her mother Sandra Allard also passed away before she was born.

Everyone else would always know when Jackie was “in the house” because of her contagious laughing. This was how you could always tell she was there. She was unrivaled when it came to playing practical jokes and getting into mischief. She has a reputation for inappropriately interrupting photographers during photo shoots. Long after her passing, everyone will remember her with fondness and treasure the time they had with her.

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