Jackie Mitchell Obituary, Jackie Mitchell Has Passed Away – Death Cause

Jackie Mitchell Obituary, Death – Jackie was one of the first people to join our Management Team, and she has been an indispensable contributor to the growth of our netball club over the course of the past many years. Her unwavering encouragement, unwavering support, and uncompromising resolve are qualities that will not be quickly forgotten.
During this trying time, we want Kevin, Chloe, and Darryl to know that we are thinking about them and sending our condolences to them from all of us here at work.

At the center of our thoughts and feelings at all times and for all eternity. Jackie Mitchell, whose maiden name was Maier, is devoted to her responsibilities as a wife, mother, grandmother, sister, and friend. Her old maiden name was Maier. Wilmette was the location of her first home, but she has since settled down in Northfield as her primary place of residence. After a long and courageous struggle against breast cancer, Jackie passed away on December 8 at her home after a strong and courageous fight against the disease.

Her unflappable attitude, inexhaustible generosity, and gentle disposition will be remembered fondly by a great number of individuals, all of whom will deeply miss her after she is gone. Visitation will begin on Friday at noon and continue until the time of the Funeral Mass at 1:00 p.m. at Saints Faith, Hope, and Charity Church in Winnetka, which can be found at 191 Linden Street. The Mass will take place at 1:00 p.m. The burial of the deceased took place in Lake Forest’s St. Mary Cemetery during the ceremony that was performed for the occasion.

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