Heidi Herzog Motorcycle Accident Hanover PA, 1 Dead - Death Cause

Heidi Herzog Motorcycle Accident Hanover PA, 1 Dead – Death Cause

Heidi Herzog Obituary, Death – A man from Caledonia was driving a motorcycle on Sunday when he was involved in a collision with a Jeep. At the site, the victim’s death was confirmed by medical personnel. Seth Wyma, 22, of Caledonia, was driving west on a Honda CBR 600RR when he hit the back of a Jeep Wrangler driven by a man from Middleville, who was 19 years old. Just before 4:30 in the afternoon, Kent County Sheriff Deputies were dispatched to the 7300 block of SE 84th Street to investigate the incident. The witnesses who spoke to the deputies stated that Wyma was traveling at an unsafe rate of speed.

It was established in the hospital that Wyma did not have any more life in her anymore. The crash had no adverse effects on the individual who was driving the Jeep; they walked away unscathed.According to the Lancaster Township Fire Department, a good Samaritan who was also a nurse aided a cyclist who had been in an accident on Monday night, and this person “very well may have saved the life of the cycle rider” they assisted. According to the report given by Lieutenant Greg Leaman, the bleeding was stopped when a nurse applied a tourniquet to the patient.

According to the fire department, the accident occurred when a motorcycle rider lost control of their vehicle and collided with another motorcyclist. This caused the rider’s motorcycle to collide with a car that was driving in front of a group of motorcyclists. According to the fire department, the roadway on Millersville Pike was closed for around an hour and a half as a result of a gas leak that was caused after a motorbike collided with the rear of a car, resulting in the puncturing of the gas tank.

The fire department reports that the motorcyclists were going in a group of four with one another at the time of the accident. According to the information provided by the fire department, there was one person who was hurt and sent to the hospital, but there was no more information regarding additional injuries.

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