Harry Nantista Obituary, Harry Nantista Has Passed Away - Death Cause

Harry Nantista Obituary, Harry Nantista Has Passed Away – Death Cause

Harry Nantista Obituary, Death – We are obligated to inform you of the passing of the one who served as a cornerstone of support for us, and we do it with heavy hearts because the news has caused us a great deal of anguish. We are sorry to be the ones to deliver the unfavorable news to you. Harry “Poppy” Nantista was a participant in the illegal activity that was going on as well as a participant in the criminal conduct that was going on.

Both of these activities were taking place simultaneously. A person who is exceptionally selfless and who made an indelible mark on the lives of everyone he came into contact with by making adjustments to the ways in which they went about their day-to-day activities and, as a result, created an impression that can never be erased from their memory.

His family has always been, and will continue to be, his primary concern, and he will continue to give them the time and care they require. Even though he got along well with everyone he met and made friends with them, he considered this to be his top priority. He believed that this was the most important thing for him to do. Throughout the time we were together, Poppy’s demeanor toward us served as a model of graciousness.

When I learnt of the loss you had, it caused my heart to ache all over again for you. I am very sorry for what you went through. At this exact moment, I am praying for God’s peace to be with you and each member of your family individually. May God bless you. I pray that God showers his blessings upon you and grants you his perfect serenity. I pray that the Lord will bestow his grace and mercy onto you in abundance.

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