Hackensack New Jersey Shooting

Hackensack New Jersey Shooting, Authorities Investigates

Hackensack New Jersey Shooting – Hackensack, New Jersey has been a shooting, and local authorities are currently conducting an investigation. The suspect is claimed to have fled the scene of the alleged incidence of domestic violence after getting into a black Honda CR-V and driving away from the location of the suspected crime. (The theft of the SUV was reported to the Hackensack police at a later time, as was later disclosed by those authorities.)

Reports indicate that the suspect was attempting to leave the area when he lost control of his motor vehicle and smashed into two parked autos, one of which was located on Washington Avenue and the other on Lafayette Street. Both of the vehicles were damaged as a result of the collision. After getting multiple calls to 911 reporting gunfire originating from a property on Holt Street, the Hackensack Police Department became involved in the incident after receiving those calls.

It is believed that the suspect used a handgun to fire at least one shot into the air before driving away from the property where the incident took place. This is the reason for this. (It was alleged that the Bergen County Sheriff’s Office Crime location Unit and the Hackensack Police Department found a spent bullet casing at the spot after conducting an investigation into the event.) It was speculated that the suspect’s sister pursued her brother on the road shortly after he drove away from the crime scene in his automobile, although she allegedly did so in a different vehicle. It is stated that she drove him back to their flat in Hackensack after he was responsible for the automobile accidents in which they were involved.

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