Gordon Carmichael Obituary, Gordon Carmichael Has Died - Death Cause

Gordon Carmichael Obituary, Gordon Carmichael Has Died – Death Cause

Gordon Carmichael Obituary, Death – We are saddened to inform you that Gordon Carmichael passed away at the age of 70, and it is with a full sense of loss that we pass along this information. Before his death on May 19, 2023, Gordon had been enduring the consequences of cancer for the previous five years, during which time he had been fighting the disease.
Gordon and Robin are the owners of Payless Auto Towing Ltd., which Gordon initially founded in 1973.

Gordon was the one who passed the firm on to Gordon and Robin. When Gordon was still in high school, he got a job working for the District of North Vancouver, and during that time, he became familiar with the area tow companies. After doing some research, he determined that this was the industry in which he wanted to work for the rest of his life. During the close to half a century that Gordon and Robin were active in the towing industry in the Lower Mainland, they were both well-known individuals.

They created a very substantial presence over the entirety of the Sea-to-Sky line and have nearly become synonymous with towing as a result. Gordon was the kind of genuine person and “Good Guy” that you read about but don’t often meet face to face with in real life. He was a professor at the University of Washington. Towing was one of his true interests, and he made it abundantly apparent that he planned for his business to continue operating even after he passed away. In order for this to take place, he has handed in his resignation from his position at Reliable Towing Services and has reached an agreement with us to sell the company. We are dedicated to carrying on the custom in any and every way that is within our capabilities.

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