Gloria Marion Obituary, Gloria Marion Has Passed Away – Death Cause

Gloria Marion Obituary, Death –Home for Gloria C. Marion when she was younger, the community of Glen Ellyn served as her primary residence even though she is now 92 years old. loving spouse of Frederick, who left earlier this year. Frederick passed away. dedicated mother to her children Michael (Tamara), who went away later in life, and Laura, who also passed away. Both Madeline and Sean Marion have a great deal of respect for their grandmother.

Beloved sister of Rae Healy, whose husband Dick Healy preceded her in death, and devoted aunt to Kathy Healy and Marie Ellen Hull, who married Tim. Rae Healy’s husband Dick Healy also passed away prior to her. Dick Healy, Rae Healy’s husband, passed away before she did. Everyone who knew Gloria saw her as a paradigm of what it means to have the soul of a kind and kind person while at the same time having the heart of a warrior. Gloria was a fighter with a loving soul.

She had an unwavering commitment to her family and the people in her immediate social circle, and she showed a lot of excitement for those people. It will be difficult to find someone who can fill the role that Gloria played in people’s lives, but the joy that she brought to others and the brilliance of her smile will continue to shine long after she has passed away. Visitation will begin on Friday, March 25, at 10:00 AM and continue until the time of the Mass at 11:00 AM. The Mass will be held on Friday, March 25. St. James the Apostle Church, which is located in Glen Ellyn at 480 S. Park Blvd, will serve as the host location for each and every one of these activities. The Queen of Heaven Cemetery in Hillside, Illinois has been selected as the location for the burial, as this was already decided upon.

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