Gilbert Hammonds Obituary, Resident Of Kirbyton Has Died - Death Cause

Gilbert Hammonds Obituary, Resident Of Kirbyton Has Died – Death Cause

Gilbert Hammonds Obituary, Death – Gilbert James Hammonds, a resident of Kirbyton who was 72 years old and had been battling sickness for a large amount of time, passed away on May 22, 2023 at his house following a drawn-out battle with the condition. He had been battling disease for a significant amount of time prior to his death. Gilbert was born on July 20, 1950 in Fort Scott, Kansas, despite the fact that he spent his whole childhood in the state of Kentucky.

On the other hand, he never left the state of Kentucky in his whole lifetime. Both of his parents, T.A. Hammonds and Mae Crews Hammonds, had passed away before he was even born. His mother had been a nurse. He attended the Kirbyton Baptist Church on a regular basis and was a member of the congregation there. Gilbert took a lot of pride in both his participation in the Mayfield Moose Club as an active member and in playing music with his band. In addition to that, he was a skilled musician on both the guitar and the bass.

After spending a considerable length of time employed at Caterpillar Wayne Supply, he eventually made the decision to retire from the company when the opportunity arose to do so.
Venida Hammonds, Gilbert Hammonds’s wife of 27 years and one of the surviving members of Gilbert’s family, is herself a survivor. In addition, he leaves behind one son, Jason Chandler of Arlington, one daughter, Shawna (Howard) Petty of Humboldt, Tennessee, and Ileah Jo Hammonds of Fulton, Kentucky; two sisters, Vicki Jackson of Kirbyton and Cassie Hammonds; and nine grandkids.

Adreana Hammonds, Lana Purdy, Adreana Hammonds, Lana Purdy, Adreana Hammonds, and Lana Purd His parents, his brother Johnny Hammonds, his brother-in-law David Jackson, and his nephew Jerrod Hammonds all went away before he did, as did all of his other forebears, including David Jackson and Jerrod Hammonds. One of the persons who preceded him in death was his brother Johnny Hammonds, who was also one of the people who died before him.

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