Gary Warren Obituary

Gary Warren Obituary Candler NC, Gary Warren Has Died – Death Cause

Gary Warren Obituary, Death – It has been determined that Gary Warren has passed away. He is survived by his wife, Joyce White Warren; daughters Shakina Washington-Warren (Scott), Ebony Wills-Wells (Jermaine), Charmaigne Warren-Ray (Roderick), Ayana Snead, and Latricia Snead; sons Justin Price-Warren and Simon Snead (Ivory); as well as a large number of grandchildren, great-grandchildren, nieces, nephews, and many friends.

We shall miss having him around. Gary has spent his whole life working in the transportation and logistics businesses. His dedication to this field is admirable. Previous employers include CCM Canada, Consumers Distributing, and National Grocers, where he held various positions. He finished out his career at Advantage Personnel as the manager of the company’s Safety and Compliance department before retiring in March of 2020. His retirement date is set for that month.

Even though Gary had spent his whole childhood in the city of Toronto, he regarded the family cottage in McKellar, Ontario, as his primary place of abode. Back then, some of his favorite things to do included going fishing, playing golf, and simply hanging out with the same group of friends he’d had his whole life. Gary had a lot of talent when it came to working with his hands. A number of years ago, he and Connie did all of the work necessary to reconstruct the cottage on their own. He is the consummate “Mr. Fix-it.” Both Gary and Connie had an active sense of wanderlust, but they also treasured the time they spent with their close group of friends. In the convertible Mustang that they had, they would frequently embark on trips that would last for three or four days’ duration.

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