Fiona Williams Obituary, Fiona Williams Has Passed Away – Death Cause

Fiona Williams Obituary, Death – Our hearts were filled with the deepest sadness when we learned of Fiona Williams’ loss. She was the former Chief Executive Officer of Explore York Libraries and Archives. Our hearts were filled with sadness when we heard of her passing. Fiona had a distinguished and fruitful career as a manager in the library sector, where she was considered a pioneer in her industry. In 1988, she began working in the library industry for the county of Dorset as an Assistant Lending Librarian.

Explore is currently recognised on a national scale for its forward-thinking and risk-taking methodology, which highlights the continuous value of public libraries in the 21st century. This is due to the fact that Explore demonstrates the importance of public libraries in the previous sentence. In 2022, in honour of the positive impact that Fiona has had on the lives of others through her work in the library community, she was awarded the British Empire Medal. The year before she officially retired from Explore was her final year there.

Her current employer is the county of Somerset. In 2004, she made the move to York in order to assume the role of Head of Libraries there. Prior to that, she had held a number of duties within libraries. There, she conceived of a fresh strategy for the city’s archives and libraries based on what she saw. Fiona was the driving force behind the transformation of Explore York into a mutual ownership company in 2014, which made it the first public library in the UK to undergo this transition.


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