Felton Wright Obituary, Felton Wright Has Died - Death Cause

Felton Wright Obituary, Felton Wright Has Died – Death Cause

Felton Wright Obituary, Death – We have been left with a profound sense of bereavement after learning that my brother Felton Wright has died away and gone to be with the One who Created ALL of the Worlds. The news has left me with a sense of profound grief. My brother will be spending his time in the afterlife with the One who was the Creator of ALL Worlds. I am going to really struggle to get used to his absence. Not only did he have a significant impact on my road to recovery from a heroin addiction.

But he was also instrumental in the rehabilitation of a significant number of our other siblings and sisters and hundreds of our other family members. He was a significant factor in our family’s overall success in overcoming addiction, and we are grateful to him for that. Because of this, I owe him a substantial amount of gratitude and appreciation. After hearing this, I have been overcome with a profound sense of loss, and I can’t help but feel bad about it.

It is stated throughout the Holy Scripture (Quran) that “In truth, we are Allah’s, and in truth, we shall return to Him. We beseech God to look kindly upon our Brother, to bless him for the many acts of kindness that he has performed, and to forgive him for any misdeeds that he may have committed in the past. Our hope is that God will hear our supplications and fulfill all that we ask of him. It is only just that, in the afterlife, he be provided access to the most paradisiacal level that is attainable, and that he be laid to rest in the greatest cemetery that is currently in existence In light of the circumstances that currently exist, are you in a position to bring comfort to his family and the rest of his friends? If so, please do so.

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