Eric Thompson Obituary North Carolina, Eric Thompson Has Passed Away - Death Cause

Eric Thompson Obituary North Carolina, Eric Thompson Has Passed Away – Death Cause

Eric Thompson Obituary, Death – It is with great sadness that we learn of the passing of one of the most talented individuals in the annals of human history. It would be an understatement to say that the news of my stepbrother’s passing on Tuesday night shocked me, since it truly did take me by surprise. If you worked in the horse industry in any capacity at any point in your life, it’s conceivable that you knew him.

This is especially true if you worked with racehorses. There is a good chance that he put one or two of his shoes on your horse. There is a good chance that he did this. There is a strong possibility that this will take place. I ask that you remember my family, the friends of Eric, and Eric’s equine family in your thoughts and prayers, and that you extend your best wishes to our entire community. Thank you. We are all going to miss having you here with us, Brother, and it is going to be hard on all of us.

I pray that you and Sammy, who was the very first stepbrother I ever had, are rejoicing together in paradise just beyond the Golden Gates in this very moment as you celebrate the happiest moments of your lives. To my brother or sister, please accept my sincere apologies for the inconvenience that this situation has caused. During this difficult time, my prayer is that you will feel the comfort and protection that comes from having love around you at all times.

I pray that this will happen for you. Not only was Eric a good friend of mine, but he was also the person who did my shoeing for a significant amount of years. Eric was a shoemaker. We are going to miss having him here with us since it has been a wonderful experience overall having him with us. I will be keeping each and every one of you in my thoughts and prayers.




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