Waterville Main Car Accident Kills Woman

Emily Marchesi Obituary, Waterville Main Car Accident Kills Woman – Death Cause

Emily Marchesi Obituary, Death Cause – On Tuesday, Meridians paid respect to Marchesi on its Facebook page by posting the following: “We will be closed today due to the unexpected passing of a valued member of our culinary crew. Emily Marchesi, we are going to miss your company and your humor till the next time we see each other. Our prayers and thoughts are with her son, Jer, and the rest of her family, as well as all of those who were fortunate enough to have known her wonderful spirit.

A 27-year-old woman was killed in a crash involving a single vehicle in Waterville. According to reports, Emily Marchesi, a resident of Waterville and the mother of a kid who is 6 years old, was the sole occupant of a 2016 Hyundai when it was involved in a collision on College Avenue near Cumberland Farms on Monday night. According to Sgt. Joshua Woods of the Waterville Police Department, Emily Marchesi, 27, was driving a 2016 Hyundai in the southbound lane of College Avenue near Cumberland Farms when the collision took place at around 10:45 p.m. on Monday. College Avenue is located near Cumberland Farms.

According to Woods, Marchesi was the only one in the wrecked vehicle that he was in. “She was traveling southbound on College Avenue when she went up onto the sidewalk in front of Cumberland Farms and then overcorrected,” said Woods. “She was then forced to leave the sidewalk.” The witness said, “She went back onto the road, went across all four lanes of traffic, and then rolled over.”

According to him, the accident was still being looked into on Wednesday. According to Woods, emergency personnel such as police and firefighters came to the scene, and the Maine State Police did a reconstruction of the crash. At the intersection of High Street and College Avenue is where you’ll find Cumberland Farms. According to Woods, the posted speed limit in that section of College Avenue is 35 miles per hour.

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