Eleanor Homiak Obituary, Eleanor Homiak Has Sadly Passed Away - Death Cause

Eleanor Homiak Obituary, Eleanor Homiak Has Sadly Passed Away – Death Cause

Eleanor Homiak Obituary, Death – On May 20th, 2023, Eleanor Jean Homiak passed away. She was a lifelong resident of Wyandotte, Michigan, where she had lived her whole life. She had spent her whole life in that city, making it her permanent residence. She has a mind-boggling 88 years of experience to her name. Peter Homiak’s wife, who passed away after her husband, was dedicated to him throughout his battle with cancer.

Peter Homiak passed dead. She was a dedicated mother to her children Lawrence Homiak, Kathleen Homiak, Barbara Jackson, David Homiak (Nancy), and James Homiak (Elizabeth). Her children’s names are Lawrence Homiak, Kathleen Homiak, David Homiak (Nancy), and James Homiak (Elizabeth). Lawrence, Kathleen, David, and James were the names she gave to her children. sister of Virginia Nikola and Leonard Spas, both of whom regarded her in a very high regard and showed her a great deal of attention throughout their lives. Victoria Homiak, Adam Homiak, Kristen Horvath, Nicole Jocham, Aaron Jackson, Brian Homiak, Nathan Homiak, and Adam Homiak are some of my grandchildren, and I couldn’t be happier about that fact.

I am their grandma for each and every one of them. It is indeed a privilege to hold the position of great-grandmother to Aiden Jackson, Mady Horvath, Tate Jocham, and Avery Horvath. In addition, I count it a great honor to be Avery Horvath’s grandma. It was well known that Eleanor was a very kind person, and that she devoted a lot of her time to volunteering in the community. Some of her all-time favorite activities to do in her leisure time included playing bingo, reading, doing handwork such as stitching, and going camping with her friends and family.

In her spare time, she adored doing hand stitching. In addition to that, one of her favorite things to do was go camping. Her reputation was helped along by the fact that she was famous for having a carefree attitude and for being the one who kept the party going. Both of these attributes contributed to her success in establishing her reputation. Everyone who had the opportunity to get to know Eleanor will look back on her with a feeling in their hearts that can be summed up as “a warm fuzzy feeling.”

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