Efrain Reyes

Efrain Reyes Obituary Reading PA, Efrain Reyes Has Died – Death Cause

Efrain Reyes Obituary, Death – The life of Efrain Reyes has ended. A statement to this effect can be found in a post on one of the social media platforms: “Life is too short, and you never know when your time will be up.” Treasure the individuals you have in your life and make cherished memories with them. Efrain Reyes, may you finally rest in peace. The span of one’s life is just too brief, and far too many things take place all at once. One minute you’re here, next minute you’re gone.

Afrain Reyes, Efrain You were way too young to be doing that. This summer, you and Dante were going to have a barbecue, right? I genuinely still can’t believe it, guy. I just don’t believe it. You were just in my yard about two weeks ago smoking a cigar with Dante, and I don’t even remember you! Too quickly, life passes. May you finally find some peace.
Please pray for his Wife and Daughter. He is the devoted husband of Carmen Reyes, who he has been married to for more than 46 years. Carmen Reyes resides in Bridgeport.

Efrain is survived by his wife, as well as his children Maria Gaitan, Nancy Reyes, and Efrain Reyes. In addition, Efrain is survived by his grandchildren. His sisters Ramona Carrillo and Delia Mendez, as well as his brothers Claudio Reyes and Rosa Reyes, are his siblings. Joe Diaz Jr., Johnny Diaz, Balwin Gaitan Jr., Alexandra Gaitan, Liam Hidalgo Reyes, and Lianny Hidalgo Reyes are his grandchildren. a

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