Edward Strianese Obitaury, Burlington Vermont Has Died Death Cause

Edward Strianese Obitaury, Burlington Vermont Has Died Death Cause

Edward Strianese Obitaury, Death – Edward “Ned” J. Strianese was a beloved brother, uncle, coworker, and devoted friend. He passed away at the age of 66. We break the news of his passing to you with a heavy heart because we were close to him. The city of Burlington in Vermont was his home. Ned had been living out his dying days in Costa Rica, taking in the sights and sounds of his surroundings before he died away there. Ned passed away in Costa Rica.

Ned Strianese was born in the city of Armonk, in the state of New York. His parents, Edward and Corinne Strianese, had passed away prior to his birth. Ned graduated from both Byram Hills High School and St. Michael’s College, earning diplomas from both institutions. After that, he pursued additional education at the University of Vermont, where he ultimately earned a master’s degree in special education.

This advocacy persisted well into the students’ adult years. This was especially relevant for the students of Somali Bantu ancestry who had just very recently moved to Vermont from another state. Ned’s commitment to the cause did not emerge from the most current “central office” project; rather, it was born out of a true conviction that it is the fundamental right of everyone to dream and to live a life that is both full and healthy. He was a senior person with a big heart who was always willing to share his knowledge, experience, and compassion with people of a younger generation. He was an inspiration. The presence of this individual offered relief to a diverse collection of people from a variety of walks of life, and he never closed his arms to those who were going through difficult times.

In addition to having a great sense of humor, Ned was an excellent musician, fisherman, and friend. He also had a beautiful sense of humor. Both his immediate family and the vast circle of friends and acquaintances he had built up over the years were very important to him. Ned worked as an educator in the schools located in Underhill and Burlington for over the period of a quarter of a century. His ardent advocacy for those students’ education and wellbeing, which extended into their adult years, is still lovingly remembered by hundreds of those children.

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