Dustin Matthews Obituary,

Dustin Matthews Obituary, A York PA Registered Nurse Has Died – Death Cause

Dustin Matthews Obituary, Death – The life of Dustin Matthews has been taken. We extend our sincerest condolence. In a message on social media, the following is written: “After years of memories made together. I am completely at a loss for words right now.” In addition to being Ty’s cousin, he was also one of my best friends for many years, up to the time that he relocated to Florida and distance started to come between us.

Since he deleted his Facebook account more than two years ago, I have lost so many of our shared memories and photographs… and now I have lost him as well. Pictures were perhaps Dustin’s second most favorite thing in the world, after taking care of his patients, and everybody who knew Dustin will attest to this fact.
Because he was an extraordinary human being.

After he relocated to Florida, it was fantastic to stay in touch with him through Facebook because his posts never failed to make me grin. Due to the fact that he worked quite close to Fort Myers, he was in the front lines throughout the hurricanes. Your purple costume, the antics you got into with my brothers, and the plastic doll hand are things that will be ingrained in my memory forever. 44 years old, the same age as Ty cousins  had an unexpected cardiac arrest. Life never stops showing me that we are not in control of anything. There are no assurances to be made. This one really lands a blow. Take it easy That would be Dustin Matthews. I’m sure Michael Folk and Ty Folk greeted you with wide arms when you arrived.

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