Drew Davis Obituary, Drew Davis Has Died - Death Cause

Drew Davis Obituary, Drew Davis Has Died – Death Cause

Drew Davis Obituary, Death – We are writing to convey our profound sorrow at the news that our father, Drew Davis (Andrew), passed away suddenly on May 5, 2023. There are no adequate words to describe the anguish that our family is currently experiencing. His unflinching affection and steadfast protection will be much missed. He was our most ardent supporter, and we have no doubt in our minds that he is now looking out for us. It serves as a little nudge to remind us to treasure the people we care about and to never, ever take even a single moment for granted.

Those who had the good fortune to know him attest to the fact that he had a heart of gold, an excellent sense of humor, and a laugh that was infectious. His ability to bounce back from adversity shone through in all he accomplished. He was a diligent worker who took great delight in taking care of all the things that were significant to him. Mary Jane, the blessing in his life that was his mother, held a special place in his heart. The happiness that we have shared with him over the course of the past few years is a happiness that really cannot be put into words. Dad had a deep affection for his two brothers and two sisters, as well as their extended family. We shall all feel a profound loss with his passing.

For the benefit of those who were unaware, our father/son/brother went through addiction rehabilitation, and he had been clean for more than three years at that point. Because of our father’s commitment to openness and candor on his sobriety journey, we are in a better position to comprehend and appreciate the challenges he faces on a day-to-day basis. His bravery and his strength were inspiring to all of us. We were all quite pleased of his sobriety, but he was most proud of himself. Because of our father, the lives of a great number of people who are now in recovery were saved, and he became a role model for a great number of recovering addicts.

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