Dougie Squires Obituary,

Dougie Squires Obituary, Dougie Squires Has Passed Away – Death Cause

Dougie Squires Obituary, Death – Dougie Squires OBE MVO worked in the entertainment sector as a performer, choreographer, and director. He was awarded the OBE and MVO. As a result of his many accomplishments, he was awarded both the MVO and the OBE. In addition to that, both an MVO and an OBE were bestowed to him at the same time. During the 1990s, he was in charge of the creation of high-quality summer plays as well as pricey Christmas pantomimes at The Gaiety Theatre, where he worked for a significant portion of his career.

We extend our condolences to all of these people. We have collaborated closely with Dougie throughout his career, and because of this, we are aware that he and his family would be utterly crushed by the news. We shall miss Dougie very much and consider it a great privilege that we were able to collaborate with him on a variety of initiatives throughout the course of our time together. On the other hand, we are going to miss him tremendously.

He was also responsible for the management of the theater’s operations. During those years, in particular, this held a lot of weight. We are unable to find any solace in the news of his passing, and during this time of mourning, we want his loved ones and friends to be aware of how deeply we feel for them. We are unable to find any solace in the news of his passing. Our deepest sympathies go out to Dougie’s family, friends, and fellow musicians and artists who have collaborated with him throughout the course of his career and who, when the news of his loss is finally made public, will be crushed by the information.


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