Dorothy Smurthwaite Obituary,

Dorothy Smurthwaite Obituary, Dorothy Smurthwaite Has Died – Death Cause

Dorothy Smurthwaite Obituary, Death – The following was requested to be posted by the family of Dorothy Smurthwaite, who passed away recently. DDorothy Smurthwaite. On Tuesday, May 16, 2023, she passed away quietly at her home in Balmullo with her devoted family by her side. Dorothy was a one-of-a-kind lady in every way. The funniest, toughest, and most loving Mother, Grandmother, and Great Grandmother that we could have ever wished for in our lives.

We are unable to thank them sufficiently. The District Nurses, who were readily available at all times. Maintaining professionalism while remaining kind and patient. Marie Curie, for the assistance and support provided in her last few months of life. The family is indebted to these generous and loving individuals beyond measure. I APPRECIATE IT!  On Tuesday, May 30 at 10 a.m. at St. James Church in Cupar, we will be sending Dorothy off on the next leg of her trip, and all of her family and friends are cordially welcome to attend both the church service and the graveside service at Cupar Cemetery at 11 a.m. to be with her devoted and loving husband.

A rock upon which the rest of the family can rely and find support. She will be remembered with affection by both her friends and her family, and for many years, she was an integral part of the community that St. James Church in Cupar served. Special appreciation to everyone who assisted her in her final days and months of a life that was lived to the fullest and was filled with joy. Her caregivers, who were identified only as the women in purple, had demonstrated an extraordinary level of compassion and care.


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