Donavyn Propst Car Accident Las Vegas, Faith Lutheran High School Wrestler Dies - Death Cause

Donavyn Propst Car Accident Las Vegas, Faith Lutheran High School Wrestler Dies – Death Cause

Donavyn Propst Obituary, Death – A fatal car accident that occurred on Friday claimed the life of a senior student at Faith Lutheran High School. Concerning the accident, Principal Kat Stokes wrote a letter that was sent out to parents as well as the wider community. As a result of the passing of senior Donavyn Propst, the school, according to what she indicated, will be gathering resources for both parents and pupils the next week.

The news of Donavyn’s passing was shared on the Instagram page for Faith Wrestling. “Late this afternoon, we were informed that one of our former wrestlers, Donavyn Propst, had passed away,” the statement said in part. Even though he was only on the team for a year, he was still able to make a significant contribution to the wrestling program. To the Family of Faith: It is with a very heavy heart that I share with you the news that one of our seniors

Donavyn Propst, was involved in a car accident earlier today and unfortunately passed away as a result of his injuries. The next week, we will be organizing things on campus for students and parents, and I will keep you updated as plans continue to emerge as we move forward. It is important for you to know that the administrative staff, the counselors, and I am all more than willing to chat with you, pray with you, and assist you in working through this sorrow. However, I ask that you all join me at this time in praying for his family.

Dear Heavenly Father, we come to you today with wounded hearts and a heavy burden. During this difficult time, we pray that you will provide Donavyn’s family with solace and serenity. As our students and our community work through this difficult time, we ask that you enfold them in the loving embrace of your arms. God, we are aware that our time here on earth is brief, and that the fulfillment of Your promise will bring us joy in the end; nonetheless, unexpected catastrophes are difficult to cope with. In the name of Your Son, I pray that you will bestow your blessing and peace upon each one of us. Amen. In Him, Ms. Stokes

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