Dominic Nocera Obituary Thousand Oaks CA, Real Estate Agent Has Died - Death Cause

Dominic Nocera Obituary Thousand Oaks CA, Real Estate Agent Has Died – Death Cause

Dominic Nocera Obituary, Death – Up to the time of his retirement in the year 1990, he was the entrepreneur and successful operator of a hair salon network that included facilities in Waltham and Lexington. This lasted from the 1950s through the 1970s. A gentleman by the name of Dominic was already employed at Grover Cronin Beauty Parlor when he made the decision to advance his career there by becoming a hairdresser.

Because of this, he was required to use his middle name, Richard, and he continued to do so throughout his whole professional career. Mr. Richard launched his first business in the beauty industry by opening a salon on the second floor of the Drapkin Building, which is right over the Waltham Supermarket. There, his outstanding artistic talent garnered him a devoted clientele, many of which consisted of the spouses of prominent local lawyers, doctors, and merchants.

His work was in high demand. In 1951, he opened what would become known as “Waltham’s outstanding beauty salon” at the Richard Beauty Salon, which was housed in the Clarkson Building on Main Street. The salon was called “Waltham’s outstanding beauty salon.” In 1956, he came to the conclusion that he would open a futuristic and cutting-edge beauty salon on the site of the former Clam Box, which he had purchased right across the street from his already operating business.

Two years later, he made the statement, “I’m going into competition with myself,” when he and his wife, Miss Lee, created Mademoiselle, a second salon in close proximity to the first one. He erected Mademoiselle along with the phrase “I’m going into competition with myself.” The revolutionary restaurant Mademoiselle, which at the time could be found on Moody Street, was a pioneering establishment.

People were invited to go in without making an appointment, the prices were affordable, the salon was open until 11 o’clock every weeknight, and it employed an extraordinary amount of 20 hairdressers who worked in shifts of two each.

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