Derrick Smelser Obituary,

Derrick Smelser Obituary, Bremerton U.S. Army Derrick Smelser Has Died – Death Cause

Derrick Smelser Obituary, Death – My husband, the father of my children, and the person I considered to be my closest friend, Derrick Smelser, passed very suddenly this morning. I am telling you this news with a sad heart because I know how it will affect you. The great grief and sorrow that comes with Derrick’s loss, as well as the extent to which he will be missed, cannot be fully explained in any words that now exist in the English language.

A funeral ceremony and a celebration of life will be conducted on Sunday, May 28, 2018, at the Lewis Funeral Chapel in Bremerton, Washington. The memorial service will be held first, followed by the celebration of life. Within the next few days, more information will be made available to the public. Please share this with anyone else you know who might not have the opportunity to watch it otherwise. We are aware that Derrick had a significant impact on the lives of a far larger number of people than his family was aware of at the time.

Even though Derrick’s life was cut short before any of us were ready for it, the impact that he had on this world will not be forgotten. The mark that he created on this world will not be forgotten. A celebration that is just as extraordinary as this person’s life ought to be held in their honor. In memory of Derrick, we would like to invite you to join us as we pay tribute to his life and raise a glass in his name.


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