Derek Alexander Obituary Atlanta Georgia, Derek Alexander Has Died - Death Cause

Derek Alexander Obituary Atlanta Georgia, Derek Alexander Has Died – Death Cause

Derek Alexander Obituary, Death Cause – Born on November 12th, 1952, in the country of Scotland. the same day as his fiancée Margie, who would later become his wife. Oh, the exciting journeys that they have taken! Margie, the woman who has been the love of Derek’s life and his closest friend, will be left behind. His sibling Ewan, as well as his sister-in-law, Anita. Kelly (Darryl), Neil (Vanessa), Katie (BJ), and Colin (Abi) were all lucky enough to call him their incredible Uncle Derek.

The most incredible great-uncle there could possibly be to Meara, Elgin, and Kellan. He was the greatest at keeping in touch with his extended family, which included cousins, uncles, and aunts living in Canada and the United Kingdom. All of them enjoyed spending time with Derek. They will long for the enjoyable times that they had together in the past. Heaven is where Derek will find his mother Elma, father Bill, mother and father in law Ruth and Virgil, grandparents Annie and John Smith from Scotland’s Lossiemouth, and Nana and Alexander Alexander from Dundee.

Over the course of more than 40 years, Derek worked in the automotive sales industry. Without his assistance, many of individuals won’t have a clue how to purchase automobiles. He never put himself ahead of the customer. One of his primary interests was in his profession; he takes great pleasure in resolving issues for customers and finding them excellent bargains. Most importantly, it manifested itself in the form of wonderful professional relationships that evolved into lasting friendships over the course of these decades.

We would like to extend our gratitude to all of Derek and Margie’s friends, family members, and neighbors who have assisted us throughout this challenging time. Derek passed away peacefully in his own home, in the bed that he had always loved to sleep in. We are grateful to you. A heartfelt thank you goes out to Karen Gibson, his cousin, Ewan, and Margie for being by Derek’s side during his final hours so that he could receive medical attention.

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