Demetrius Poles Obituary, Crispin Basketball Coach Has Died - Death Cause

Demetrius Poles Obituary, Crispin Basketball Coach Has Died – Death Cause

I am writing to inform you about the following situation with a very heavy heart: The passing of Coach Demetrius Poles occurred late last night. In addition to being a friend and a mentor, Demetrius was also a father, a husband, and a coach. And a whole deal even more. The sense of togetherness that the game of basketball fostered appealed to him greatly, and he was a huge fan of the sport. He was a huge fan of the weight room and took part in every single activity that he was ever given the opportunity to coach in Crispin Basketball. That is not an overstatement by any means.

He did every single thing that was physically possible for him to do in order to coach and assist children through CB. A good many of you were aware of his fight against cancer during the past two to three years. During that period, he faced one challenge after another, but he didn’t give up. Instead, he kept working as a coach and showing his love to everyone around him even as he struggled. He was a terrific player in his day, but at his core, he was a coach who loved using the game as a medium to connect with people and especially with children. He had a broad perspective and a passion for instructing. He truly embodied everything that we at Crispin Basketball aspire to be about as an organization.

His sons Jelani and Jayden are two participants or referees in our program, and everybody who is affiliated with our organization has likely interacted with them at some point. They have been a part of our programs since the very beginning, and they have spent a great deal of time in the weight room with my sons both at Rowan and elsewhere. They are a joy to be around, and along with Demetrius’ wonderful wife, Sandra, they may benefit from your assistance. There is a lot that I am capable of expressing. I have a lot of gratitude for Demetrius and I’m going to miss him a great deal. Over the previous few years, during which he has been engaged in his fight, I have expressed to a few individuals today how much I have missed being in the gym with him all the time. Therefore, this is even more.

In the meanwhile, our colleagues at Rowan have established a GoFundMe campaign in support of Sandra and the boys; the link may be found in our bio. We will provide additional details about services and other aspects in the near future. In the following weeks, months, and years, there will be requirements. They have been a great benefit to our local basketball community here, and Sandra has been an incredible blessing to them. We are grateful that you are prepared to lend a hand.
Thank you.

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