Dawn Quast Obituary, Dawn Quast Has Passed Away - Death Cause

Dawn Quast Obituary, Dawn Quast Has Passed Away – Death Cause

Dawn Quast Obituary, Death – I may not come from a family that is affluent in terms of financial resources, but I do come from a family that is great in terms of love. The tragic news that our sister Dawn had passed away was delivered to us yesterday. Dawn never tied the knot, but she has devoted her life to raising her two grandchildren, and most recently, she has taken in her great nephew. Yesterday, their entire life came crashing down, and child protective services took them away because of the terrible circumstances they were living in. The responsibility of taking care of the kids was my sister’s full-time work, and she was very good at it. Therefore, she did not have any other jobs outside the home. and she never tied the knot.

Due to the fact that she does not have a job outside the home, she does not have a 401(k), a health savings account, life insurance, or any other type of financial dividends that can assist in paying for unexpected costs such as funeral costs, costs that will result in my niece raising two more additional children, thereby growing her family into a family of 7, or any other unexpected cost. This awful news came as a complete and utter surprise. What started out as a pleasant day turned out to be an extremely trying one emotionally. My mother was a first-time mother, and as one would expect, she is grieving the loss of her first child, Dawn. The final wish of my sister was to be laid to rest in a coffin beneath the earth.

At this point in time, our family does not possess the financial resources necessary to pay for a funeral in accordance with Dawn’s wishes. My mother is not the kind to beg for assistance, and she would never dream of approaching anyone for financial support. I am hoping that with the assistance of friends, we will be able to earn enough money to bury my sister according to her wishes, pay for any other bills that may arise, and give the remaining of the money raised to be saved for the grandchildren who she was caring for. I am grateful to you for praying for me and for your attention.

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