Crossgates Mall Shooting Today

Crossgates Mall Shooting Today, Swatting Incident Leads To Arrest

Crossgates Mall Shooting Today – The police received a call reporting a shooting that had taken place in the parking lot at about 12:30 in the afternoon. The location of the incident was not specified. It appears that the incident really did take place as described in the papers. They stated it was Friday. As a result of the investigation that was carried out, the experts who work in law enforcement came to the realization that there had been no gunshot, and their findings showed that nobody was in any type of immediate danger as a direct consequence of their discoveries.

This was the conclusion that they came to after coming to the realization that there had been no shooting. The Westmere Elementary School, which is adjacent to the shopping mall where the event took place, was placed on lockdown for a brief period of time while the police investigated the incident that took place at the shopping mall. As part of their investigation into the event that took place at the shopping center, the authorities were gathering further information about what went down at the establishment.

A man was taken into custody as a consequence of the events that took place at the Crossgates Mall in Guilderland on account of a swatting incident that took place on Friday there as a result of the activities that took place there. The guy was carried there as a direct result of the occurrence that took place, as indicated by the fact that the connection was made. The event started in the afternoon and lasted throughout the rest of the afternoon. It was also in the afternoon when it happened.

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