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Cornelius McGee Obituary, Cornelius McGee Has Passed Away – Death Cause

Cornelius McGee Obituary, Death – On Monday afternoon, a young person of 15 years of age was shot to death in Clarksdale, Mississippi. At 4:30 on Monday afternoon, officers from the Clarksdale Police Department responded to a report of a burglary in the 1200 block of West Second Street. We were told that it took place at the residence of Andrew Bankhead, who had formerly served with the Clarksdale Police Department.

Rash claims that her son did not conduct any crime, and she believes that the reason he was shot was because he was dating Bankhead’s daughter, and Bankhead found him at the house on Monday. However, the police have not confirmed that this was the reason for the shooting. Additionally, the daughter. They said that he was in the house with the daughter, and that she let him in, so they referred to it as a burglary even though it wasn’t actually a break-in. “The daughter allowed him to come into the house,” the woman explained.

They found a male adolescent suffering from a gunshot wound in the yard of a neighboring property when they arrived. It was determined that he had passed away afterwards. Cornelius McGee was positively identified as the suspect by the victim’s mother, Jacqueline Rash. “I heard shots, went to Walmart, came back, and just rode around that way,” she said, adding that she saw three ambulances, cops everywhere, and tape everywhere.

While escaping the house and attempting to climb over a fence belonging to a neighbor, McGee’s mother claims that her son was fatally shot in the back. “He was a good child. Rash commented on how respectful he was being. “One who is good with people. Everybody loved him. Everybody loved him.” Julius Voss, who is Andrew Bankhead’s first cousin, was taken completely aback by what had taken place.

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