Colin Brett Obituary,

Colin Brett Obituary, Colin Brett Has Passed Away – Death Cause

Colin Brett Obituary, Death – The death of respected cattleman and longtime resident of the Northern Territory Colin Brett, who passed away the previous day at the age of 83, has prompted an outpouring of condolences from people across northern Australia today. According to a well-known proverb, people won’t remember what you said or did, but they will remember how you made them feel. This is a proverb that appears to be particularly pertinent in today’s world. All of the people who had the pleasure of knowing Colin Brett will always remember his infectious grin and the positive energy that radiated from him.

Their property, Waterloo Station, was also in the front and center of the repercussions that resulted from the ill-considered decision made by the federal government in June 2011 to abruptly cease the live cattle trade to Indonesia just as the northern export season was reaching its peak. This decision was later shown to be illegal. It occurred just as the northern export season was reaching its peak.

The numerous qualities of Mr. Brett that are still being remembered today include the fact that he was a real gentleman, that he was always enthusiastic and happy, that he had a grin that electrified everyone he met, and most significantly, that he offered strength to others, even in the darkest of circumstances. After their son Dougal was tragically killed in a helicopter accident in 2015, Mr. Brett and his wife, Alison, suffered the agony of a tremendous loss.

According to what Mr. Brett had said to Beef Central at the time, the decision “cut off at the knees” the sector. “We can’t understand why the Government has done this to us, there are no other outlets other than the store market, and this is a great trade for both countries,” he added. “We can’t believe that the Government would do something like this to us.” Many people in Indonesia have jobs because of it, and it also provides a source of protein for the people there. We have a wonderful relationship with them, but I’m not sure what they think of us at this point. It is something that benefits both our country and them.

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