Cody Mercer Obituary, 30-year-old Man Shot Dead By a Harrison County Board of Supervisors’ Patrol Officer

Cody Mercer Obituary, 30-year-old Man Shot Dead By a Harrison County Board of Supervisors’ Patrol Officer

Cody Mercer Obituary, Death – It has been determined that a man from St. Martin was the individual who was shot and killed on Thursday by a patrol officer working for the Harrison County Board of Supervisors. According to the Harrison County Deputy Coroner Art DeBorger, Cody Mercer, 30, passed away at the scene of the shooting in a wooded area not far from a two-car crash along Highway 67 and Shriner’s Boulevard as a result of numerous bullet wounds sustained at the shooting.
The shooting took place about four in the afternoon.

Mercer had been wounded in the leg as well as the area around his chest. It is possible that an autopsy will take place as soon as later today. Deborger stated that Mercer was initially shot in the leg, but he then tore down his shorts and underpants, charged again at the Mississippi Coast police, and received more gunshot wounds as a result of his actions. According to what DeBorger has claimed, “My understanding is that the officer fired seven rounds, and at least four made contact.” In addition, he stated that an autopsy would be carried out in order to ascertain the total number of wounds. The patrol officer is assigned to work in District One, which is within the jurisdiction of Harrison County Supervisor Beverly Martin.

An independent inquiry is being conducted by the Mississippi Bureau of inquiry right now. Every shooting by law enforcement in the state is looked into by the MBI. After the investigation has been completed, the findings are delivered to the Office of the Attorney General so that they can determine whether or not any illegal activity took place. According to the MBI and the supervisors of Harrison County, the officer had seen a hit-and-run accident and had stopped to try to catch Mercer after he tried to run away from the mishap. This is when the shooting occurred. Mercer managed to escape the area of the collision by running into the nearby woods, which was ultimately the location of the shooting.

Despite the fact that the patrol officer was a licensed member of the law enforcement community, her identify will not be made public until after the inquiry has been completed. There is not a lot of frequent usage of the word “county patrol officer” or “safety officer” in connection with law enforcement. Each supervisor in Harrison County is responsible for delegating a patrol officer or safety officer to their respective district. The difference between a safety officer and a patrol officer is that the latter is trained and authorized to carry out law enforcement duties. once the incident, supervisors from Harrison County issued a statement in the officer’s name once it was discovered that he had been shot.

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