Clifton Park Shooting

Clifton Park Shooting, Shootout Leaves Two Saratoga County Deputies Injured

Clifton Park Shooting – Clifton Park was the location of a shooting and a shootout that resulted in the injury of two deputies from Saratoga County. Anthony Zaremski, who is currently 23 years old and is the subject of the investigation, was reportedly the person who turned out to be the suspect in the shooting, according to Zurlo. According to the Special Agent in Charge for the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), Frank Tarentino III, the warrant was one of four that were being carried out in Saratoga and Albany counties as part of an investigation that had been going on for six months and involved both firearms and illegal drugs. The Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) was the organization in charge of conducting the inquiry.

Officers from the Saratoga County Sheriff’s Department’s Special Operation Team and Narcotics Unit were executing a federal arrest warrant in coordination with the DEA at 5:30 a.m. in the complex of apartments known as Fox Run, which is located at 100 Foxwood Drive in Clifton Park. According to statements made by Sheriff Michael Zurlo during a press conference that took place in the afternoon on Tuesday, the cops had previously informed the occupants of the property of their presence and entered the building before to coming under fire.

During the incident that took place in Clifton Park, one person ended up being fatally wounded while two deputies from Saratoga County were hurt. During the early morning hours of Tuesday, law enforcement authorities were serving an arrest warrant at an apartment complex in Clifton Park when they came under fire from a resident of the complex, resulting in the death of one man and the injury of a sheriff’s deputy. The incident occurred in the early morning hours of Tuesday.

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